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True Fashion Collective provides fashion consumers with inspiring news and tangible tools to be part of the much needed positive change in the fashion industry.

True Fashion is all about restoring the original Fashion values, which ones made us decide we wanted to work in the Fashion industry. It’s not about good looks and mouthwatering runway shows only, true fashion is about the full fashion story; from the creative design process to respect for craftsmanship and the use of innovative and sustainable materials and production methods to taking care of the garments which ended up in closets all over the world.

Our goal is to bring the sustainable fashion agenda to the mainstream. From “niche” to “norm” as we call it. True Fashion Collective is fueled by a team of dedicated fashion lovers and industry experts eager to bring critical debate to this issue.

With our team of industry experts, who have been pioneering in the field of sustainable fashion for over 10 years we provide (fashion) companies with advice and content for their communication towards a critical fashion consumer.