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Eco fabulous shopping in India

As we started our trip to “Meet the scarf” in the bustling city of Mumbai we went on a hunt today for Eco fashion. And we found it at Fabindia! This big store with a bit of a warehouse feel stocks organic and pure cosmetics in lovely packagings, unique gifts, interesting books and some very wearable original traditional Indian clothing. Not all of it will come to it’s full right in the western fashion scene but we did spot (and buy ;-)) some very cool stuff, which is easy to combine with the rest of your wardrobe. There where quite some items made with organic dyes, which looked absolutely gorgeous so this fashion store find in the business of the city of Mumbai made us very happy. Not in the least place because of the concept behind it.

Fabindia was founded with the strong belief that there was a need for a vehicle for marketing the vast and diverse craft traditions of India and thereby help fulfill the need to provide and sustain employment. Indigenous craft techniques are blended with contemporary designs to bring aesthetic and affordable products.

Fabindia’s endeavor is to provide customers with hand crafted products which help support and encourage good craftsmanship. Fabindia links over 40,000 craft based rural producers to modern urban markets, thereby creating a base for skilled, sustainable rural employment, and preserving India’s traditional handicrafts in the process.

Fabindia promotes inclusive capitalism, through its unique COC (community owned companies) model. The COC model consists of companies, which act as value adding intermediaries, between rural producers and Fabindia. These are owned, as the name suggests, by the communities they operate from; a minimum 26% shareholding of these companies is that of craft persons.

Fab India can be found in 4 countries (India, Italy, Nepal, U.A.E.) , in 58 cities and 141 stores, find all of them online!

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