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Yesterday we went to see the show of young designer Lisa Konno at Amsterdam Fashion Week, and it was good! Good, because it was a gorgeous collection which was really about something. ‘For the workers’ translated what Konno’s collection is about, with impressing visuals and stunning styles and prints.

Lisa Konno (23) graduated in 2014 from ArtEZ in Arnhem and debuted this Amsterdam Fashion Week with an anti sweatshop statement’. Japanese- Dutch designer Konno showed her collection ‘For the Workers’, a tribute to the victims of the collapsed Bangladesh clothing factory. During her studies Lisa developed  a passion for sustainability and now sees it as her personal mission to make sustainability fashionable. With her first independent show she takes a firm statement in regards to fast fashion and all the abuses that go with them.

The ethical frontier of fashion

With ‘For the Workers’ Lisa Konno searches for the ethical boundaries of fashion. In her wearable though unusual pieces, images of the factory disaster in Bangladesh can be recognised in the used prints. Digital prints on silk pieces show abstract images of weeping women in coloured saris among the rubble. Out of respect for the victims and their loved ones the designer pieces are moulded in a way that the harrowing images turned into abstract prints. Lisa Konno aesthetically highlights the charged reality behind fashion but also spends a lot of time researching possible solutions and innovative production methods.

Waste and carelessness

Since her graduation collection the young designer is trying to reprocess textile waste in garments, in innovative ways. Her new knitting techniques alter post-consumer waste to colourful knits and graphic shorts.

“With this collection I want to raise awareness about the waste of materials and negligence that occurs within the fashion world in regards to working conditions. My collection is not only an aesthetic expression of criticism but I also hope to contribute to the solution. ” – Lisa Konno

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Images: W.Green and Team Peter Stigter

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