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With this event about honest fashion we want to show that it’s not hard to choose for fashion which is both stylish on the outside as well as created in a stylish manner. Thanks to initiatives like The True Cost – the documentary of filmmaker Andrew Morgan, that shows the enormous impact of irresponsible production methods in the fashion industry in our world, a lot of consumers are more aware of the importance of fairly made fashion. But a lot of people still need to discover that sustainable fashion is fashionable, available and affordable. With the True Fashion Show we will show that you don’t need to give in on style when you choose for True Fashion and that fashion can be stylish on the outside as well as behind the scenes. The event takes place just before World Fair Trade Day: this day is initiated by British fashion entrepreneur Safia Minney. Minney, founder of People Tree will be present at the show and is also a guest in the talkshow of the True Fashion Show.

Allround fashion experience

During the show the viewer is invited to look at fashion from different perspectives. The catwalk show, which is produced by The View Concepts, plays with images and sound that tell the true stories behind fashion. These stories are sometimes beautiful, sometimes shocking but also hopeful. The collections presented on the catwalk are the High Summer 2016 collections from People Tree, Studio JUX, Wunderwerk and L’Herbe Rouge – which will be available in stores from that moment onwards.


Next to the fashion show and photography exhibition a talk show is part of the programme. Safia Minney, Carlien Helmink and Doug Mignola – founders of respectively Studio JUX and Hoodlamb – will have a conversation about how they run their businesses in a sustainable and honest way. Minney travels regularly to Bangladesh and India to work on the People Tree collections. In Bangladesh People Tree works with SWALLOWS, a project employing 200 women, producing garments in a responsible way and providing livelihoods for themselves and their families. Carlien and her partner Jitske Lundgren founded their own Studio JUX-factory in Nepal, where Jitske also lived for several years. Mignola travels to China a lot to work on the Hoodlamb collections together with their producers in China.

To celebrate the future of True fashion, the night will end with a party, where one of our favourite DJ’s from Amsterdam; Daniel Zuur will share his tunes.

 Tickets available via Pakhuis de Zwijger | More information

Tickets are 15 euro. Revenues of the ticket sales are donated to SWALLOWS.

PARTNERS: Pakhuis de ZwijgerASN BankDe WolvenEcodrukkersBuro Curious

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