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4 X ‘Ones to Watch’ This Amsterdam Fashion Week

Next week Amsterdam Fashion Week kicks off with a catwalk schedule running from 13 till 16 July. It is always inspiring to go see some of the shows but what is even more inspiring is that more and more shows are about a sustainable fashion future, Hallelujah! 

We shortlisted a few of the designers to watch… 

1. HACKED by Van Slobbe Van Benthum

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 10.26.02

HACKED by _ is a collaboration-project between designers Alexander van Slobbe and Francisco van Benthum. The project represents a response the growing power of the so-called fast fashion chains. These chains created a fashion system, in which the speed of production, distribution, sales, and consumption is the main objective.

HACKED questions and challenges their strategy that not only has reduced the position of the independent designer to that of an unpaid vendor of ideas, but it also discards raw materials, resources, labor and the value awareness of the consumer. With the HACKED by VAN SLOBBE VAN BENTHUM label, the designers are introducing a new approach on designing and creating a collection.

Catwalk Show: Thursday 13 July – Invite only

2. Ajbilou | Rosdorff + M.E.N.


Ajbilou | Rosdorff started in 2016 as a collaboration between Yasmina Ajbilou and Lynn Kate Rosdorff. One of the basic principles of the philosophy behind the Ajbilou | Rosdorff label is a focus on zero waste fashion. The textile industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world, and they want to show that there are alternative ways to create fashion, without the extra costs for the environment. They believe they can create beautiful fashion that is also sustainable. They do this by reusing materials that otherwise would have been thrown away. In their designs, they are inspired by cultures around the world and combine these elements to create a coherent vision of world cultures and Western street style.

Catwalk Show: 16 july – tickets

3. CIRCULAR FASHION SHOW: ‘Amsterdam maakt er wat van’


This ‘circular fashion’ show is the kick off off the awareness campaign; ‘Amsterdam maakt er wat van’ with Amsterdam playing the main part. With a creative approach and by collaborating with trendsetting industries the local authority wants to raise awareness in regards to their behaviour, which will in the best outcome of the experiment prevent garbage. 6 graduated designers from Rietveld and Amfi will present their creations made of used garments on the catwalk during Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Catwalk Show: 16 July – Tickets

4. BARBARA LANGENDIJK ft. Noon Passama


For her label BARBARA LANGENDIJK, Barbara combines new interpretations of garment construction, traditional crafts, cultures and rituals. She often collaborates with artists from other disciplines. This results into interdisciplinary works, which are playing with mainstream fashion codes. For this Amsterdam Fashion Week Langendijk collaborated with designer Noon Passama, to research the interaction between fashion and jewelry.

Catwalk Show: 14 July – Tickets

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